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Volcano Links

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A good volcano website:
A site on Iceland

A little bit on volcanoes...

Volcanoes are a phenomical thing on earth. When it erupts, it shoots lava or magma into the air, then it spills on the ground, destroying and melting everything in its path. Not only does volcanoes destroy things along its path, it also has the ability to create new land forms, thus creating islands or such. Believe it or not, more than 80% of the Earth's surface, above and below sea level, originated from volcanoes. Volcanoes also create rocks and minerals that can help humans. Volcanoes are an awesome phenomena that can strike Earth at any time, and can either be friend or foe.

The Picture Above......

This picture is the interior of a volcano. Volcanoes occur at "hot spots", or weaknesses at Earth's crust. The reak havoc upon any town or city, but they can also be of great use.

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