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Training Information

There are two types of training in the Navy League. One is local, and the other annual summer training.

Local Training

Local training in the Navy League is done in the division's meeting place, usually a military base.  It consists of marching and drilling, as well as classes on naval history and traditions.  There are also inspections in which a cadet's uniform is inspected and the cadet is rated on the cleanliness of his or her uniform.  Cadets can receive awards for outstanding uniforms.  Local training also consists of teaching a cadet certain seamanship skills, such as Morse code and semaphore.  For Conifer division, meetings are held Wednesdays from 7-9 PM and the last Saturday of the month from 8-12 AM.


Summer Training

Summer Training, or boot camp, is usually held during August and is for six days.  Summer training integrates cadets from different divisions and parts of the country into a military-style camp.  In those six days, cadets learn various aspects of navy life, from knot tying to cruising around in a troop ship.  They learn how to properly make their beds, various styles of marching, and diving with legs tyed together and pants and shoes on (not mandatory).  Boot Camp is a great experience to make friends and have fun.