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We are TS Conifer of the NLCC Southwestern region. We are located in Marine reserve base, Pasadena, California.

Battlshp.jpg (417838 bytes)What we are

NLCC was established " give young people mental, moral and physical training through the medium of naval and other instruction, with the objective of developing principles of patriotism and good citizenship, instilling in them a sense of duty, discipline, self-respect, self-confidence and a respect for others."

What we do

In the Navy League, cadets learn to do various activities that the real Navy does, such as morse code, semaphore signaling, and marching. Cadets also wear authentic Navy uniforms that they have to press and keep tidy. We go to 3 events annually, one being boot camp. We have participated in many parades in the past, one drawing national attention. We tour various Coast Guard and Navy ships, as well as bases. Cadets earn rank by seniority, behavior, and a test on Naval history, and they earn ribbons for special achievment.   For more information on our activities, click on the link at the left.  There is also a link that provides information about the training we do.  

How to join

Please call our Commanding officer's pager number, (213)205-7401, for more information about joining, or email me at

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