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Each of the programs you use on your computer take up a part of this.  It is the HARD DRIVE.  The hard drive is what stores all the information on your computer.  That is basically where all your documents go, where your pictures of your pet canary are, etc.  The amount of information a hard drive holds is limited.  The amount of hard drive space is measured in bytes.  What is a byte?   Let me put it to you this way: a letter is a byte.  The word "byte" has four bytes.  There are kilobytes (abreviated KB, has 1,000 bytes) Megabytes (abreviated MB, has 1,000,000 bytes) and the GIGABYTE (abreviated GB, has 1,000,000,000 bytes).  Going on, the minimum hard drive one should get is 1 GIGABYTE these days.   If you have any further questions, contact me at the email address at the previous screen.


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